GNABRT Day 63 – The wind down

GNABRT map - day 63Travel day to North Carolina as the Great North American Baseball Road Trip is finished with the Great North and doesn’t have any Baseball for a bit.

That leaves only American and Road Trip, which ultimately means American roads, which ultimately means traffic jams, construction and, sadly, accidents.

We’ll do city stuff tomorrow, after I get back from visiting with a friend and her family for a cookout (spent some time with them tonight, briefly).  For tonight, just a quick jump to…

Miscellany of Day 63:

– Since I was going to end up in North Carolina, I took the 30 seconds needed to press the sucker cups onto the inside of my windshield for my SunPass toll gizmo.  Yet another signal that I’m getting closer to home.  North Carolina is the northern limit for SunPass.

– As soon as I got on 495 West, I hit a traffic jam.  It would not be the last, nor would it be the worst.

– I made a stop for gas about an hour and a half from my destination and decided to slip some food in the tummy as well.  The Burger King I stopped at had the following unique offerings:

  • A leaking roof which was puddling by the bathroom
  • No ice for the self-serve drinks
  • No ketchup in the self-serve dispenser

Needless to say, I made my stay as short as possible before the next calamity (legs falling off my chair?).

– As mentioned above, I hit several more traffic jams, but none worse than the one shortly after leaving the Burger King.  Half an hour of crawling on the Southbound lanes of I-85 later, I could see the overturned tractor-trailer with contents strewn across the Northbound lanes.

Whether from the contents or chemicals applied by the emergency teams, the ground was steaming with fog-like smoke.  It didn’t rise, so I assume it was some chemical base (or perhaps extremely cold, like liquid nitrogen).

There was no obstruction in the Southbound lanes.  The entire jam was from rubberneckers.  As I checked, the backup on the Northbound lanes was 3.5 miles and growing.

– That made me realize how lucky I’ve been on my GNABRT.  While I have been in many traffic jams, I’ve not (yet) been on the bad side of the several huge backups I’ve seen on opposite direction highways.  And yes, I did just knock on wood.

Five days until heading home!