GNABRT Day 61 – Taking its toll


GNABRT map - day 61Though I got here with but a bare $27 of cash left in my wallet, today’s post is not about the outrageous tolls up here in the Northeast (though outrageous they be).

This is my last northern stop on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  I’ve had no accidents, no rainouts, great baseball and fun stops at national parks and friends’ homes.  By any account, the GNABRT is an unqualified success.

Without a doubt, though, I am worn out.  As the trip lengthens, my stamina wanes.

Brashly setting off on this trip with nary a clue, truly seat of the pants, I’ve made many mistakes along the way by virtue of naivety, ignorance or just plain inexperience.  Were I ever to consider such an event again (I wouldn’t), I would plan things differently.

But even that is small compared to the pure pleasure I’ve had visiting 26 (tomorrow 27) ball parks for ball games, only 2 of which I’ve ever been to before.

Still, I’m frayed around the edges.  I’ve had more headaches (including now) on this two-month trip than I had in the previous 5 months (or perhaps year).  I’ve developed a nagging cough that needs some TLC.  Even my “rest” days turn out more restless, with my sleeping patterns no longer conducive to rejuvenation.

It’s just too long away from home and, more importantly, home cooking.  The long drives and the bad food are likely the reason I have the cough.  I agree somewhat with my friend who says I’ve been extraordinarily lucky considering all my exposure to only have a cough.  Still, one of the first things I do when I get home is buy some fresh grapefruit and squeeze me some juice.

And make no mistake, I am in full “get home” mode.  Only the uncooperative MLB schedule prevents me from speeding up my trip as much as possible.  By virtue of the timing, I am “stuck” until August 3rd (the next game, in Atlanta).  Other than going home and doing a 10-hour run up to Georgia, there’s no better option.

The games and ballparks are still a wonder to me and a few hours of pure enjoyment (even the stinky games), but I could do with some non-action for a while.

Tomorrow is my long-awaited trip to Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, my favorite team since I saw them in spring training back in the 60’s.  I will relish the moment and then get some sleep before the 5-hour drive to NC, where I will visit with yet another friend.  No baseball, just some down time.

Most importantly, I’m finally heading south, which means home, despite the days, isn’t that far away.

Miscellany of Day 61:

– Forgot to roll up the windows before hitting the highways of NY.  Sewer smell quite pungent.

– Will check for Wells Fargo tomorrow morning (supposedly some reasonably close to the hotel) and replenish my dangerously low cash reserves.  Beyond tolls, it’s important to have tip money available.

– The laundry room at the hotel has two washers and two dryers.  Both were filled when I checked them out.  I’ve never seen that before in two months of travels.  On a plus note, my room is three doors away from the laundry, so it’s an easy walk for this tired soul.

– I’m so fuzzy tonight, I can’t remember the other things I wanted to scribe.  Ah well, you’ve got enough.

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