GNABRT Day 60 – Meh


mehThe Great North American Baseball Road Trip’s awesome adventure to the National Baseball Hall of Fame was, believe it or not, rained out.

Seriously.  26 straight games without a rainout.  4 national parks without a rainout.  3 barbecues without a rainout.  A visit to Cooperstown?  Rained out.

It’s not like the water would be a problem once I got to the building.  It was the 4 1/2 hours of driving in the pouring rain that convinced me to turn around and call it an off day.  Too bad, since it was induction day and the place would have been packed!

But, be at peace faithful GNABRT followers, at least your intrepid traveler got a full day’s rest and some much-needed additional Z-time.

Tomorrow it’s off to Baltimore for laundry, money and the last stop before heading south!

Miscellany for Day 60:

– Someone explain to me what’s up with Wells Fargo.  I had no problem finding branches in the south and southwest, but ever since I crossed back to the midwest, I haven’t been able to find any convenient branches.

This time, I even enlisted the desk personnel at the hotel and between two of them, they couldn’t even think of a Wells Fargo…IN BOSTON!

I’ll try again in Baltimore, where Wells Fargo’s locator says there’s a branch less than a half-mile away from the hotel.  Of course, that locator has sent me on goose chases before, so we’ll see.

At least I know I should be able to find some at my next stop in North Carolina, since First Union was big there and they were bought by Wachovia who was bought by Wells Fargo.

That’s assuming my cash holds out for the toll roads to get me there.

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