GNABRT Day 57 – In a New York minute


GNABRT map - day 57That is almost how short a time it took for game 24 on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip to be over.  But that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

The trip out of Philadelphia to New York was as easy and stress-free as could be…and then came the George Washington Bridge.  Around 10 am and still it was a congested mass.

Fortunately, the GNABRT has actually increased my patience and I simply kept in my lane and gave enough space to the vehicle in front of me to avoid any potential oopsies.

Finding the hotel was another challenge, as I missed it on the turn (the sign is unnoticeable until you know it’s there.  Eventually, I made it into the place, with just one free parking space left.

I decided I would not find it disconcerting seeing the desk clerk behind thick plexiglass (reminded me of the subway).  Yeah, the area looks a little rough, but hopefully my biggest danger point – tomorrow’s night game at Citi Field, will be somewhat alleviated by the expensive (though not as much as a taxi) use of Uber to and from the game.

The city:  New York, New York.  Really, is there anything anyone either doesn’t know or wants to know about the city?  Let’s see what I can dig up.

First, you’ve got those pesky Europeans all over the place in the lands originally of native Indians,  Iroquoian and Algonquian.  It was the French, then the Dutch and then England, who renamed it New York after the Duke of York, 450 years ago!

Playing a big part in the American Revolution, New York’s constitution influenced the United States version and the city did serve as the capital for a while in the late 1700’s.

New York hads many claims to fame, more than I have room to detail in the brief bio section of the blog.  Some notables:  the first steamboat line and regularly scheduled rail service.  New York also had sympathies with the South during the Civil War era and gave some lip service to secession.

Immigrants began flooding into the city even before the Statue of Liberty held aloft her welcoming torch, with Irish and Eastern Europe comprising the largest contingent.

New York has established itself as the hub of major mainstream media, with most news and much entertainment broadcasting originating there.

Of course, the city has plenty of sports representation, with titles for all of its teams.

The game:  New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles.  Boring!  After two tightly contested 1-run affairs, this game was over in the first inning.  New York batted around and hung a 4-spot on the O’s starting pitcher and never looked back, building a 9-1 lead before closing out a 9-3 victory.  That rings up GNABRT to 17-7.

On a side note, I’ve now seen my favorite team, the Orioles, 4 times on this trip (as the visitors) and they are 0-4.  I am really hoping that when I see them as the home team next week in Baltimore they can pull out a victory.

The tab:  Ticket, $21; Hot dog, $5.25; Lemonade, 5.25; Ice cream in NY helmet (in trash), $6.75; Water, $5.00 (it was really hot there); Total – $42.25

Miscellany of Day 57:

– I decided to pull into what I thought was cheap gas before jumping on the Jersey Turnpike.  Turns out they “forced” full-serve on me (basically just put my credit card in the pump and pumped the gas, didn’t even wash the windows).  I tipped the man, regardless, raising my cost of gas significantly.

– At one point on the Turnpike, it split into 3 lanes for cars and 3 lanes for trucks.  I don’t know why; it just did.  Maybe that’s for rush hour or something.

– Around the GW bridge, I noticed the sign “No trucks in left lane”.  There were trucks in the left lane.

– A revelation that has come to me on my travels into all these various metropolises…I like being suburban.  There’s something about actually being able to see the horizon that makes me comfortable.

– After yesterday’s crispy and today’s bakery, I’m wondering if I should wear long sleeves and pants to the Boston day game.  I might get heat prostration but avoid skin cancer.  Decisions, decisions…

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