GNABRT Day 55 – National(s) pastime


IMG_0609Just a quickie to catch up with the Great North American Baseball Road Trip in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. for the Nationals game.

The game:  Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets. The Nationals sit atop the NL East but the surprising Mets are in second place just a few games behind.  The game featured two young pitchers early in their careers.

The Mets took the early lead and the Nationals grabbed it back on a two-run homer.  The Mets scored two runs of their own to take back the lead and then put it away with a 4-run ninth.  The game dropped GNABRT to 15-7 and the GNABRT t-shirt to 2-2.

The tab:  Ticket, $35 (purchased by hosts in excess of GNABRT max); Lemonade, $5; Total – $40

Miscellany of Day 55:

– The seats my hosts picked up were pretty impressive; the best seats yet on the GNABRT.  Just a few rows from the field on the third base side, we were in prime foul ball territory, though none came our way.

– There was an unfortunate incident in the section right next to us as an older woman had to be taken away by paramedics after some sort of debilitating issue (I have no knowledge of what and will not speculate).  The two men with her never returned.

– Driving in D.C. is tough normally; driving at night is nearly impossible.  The path to the stadium so confused both my NAV and my host’s app that we shut both off.  Thank goodness my hosts were able to direct me to and from the ball park.

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