GNABRT Day 50 – Word search


word searchA supremely quiet day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  A rarity, for sure.  Just sitting in the hotel room, with a brief appearance for laundry and a pop down for a review of the breakfast offerings.  I thought I would be healthy and chose a banana which must have been several days away from being ripe (hard!).  So  much for that.

Without any outside adventures, I am left with little to regale you with for today’s blog, so here are a couple of random items…

As I was typing yesterday’s blog, I was working with the TV on and the lights off.  I can’t even remember the program I was watching (must have been riveting), but about halfway through typing the blog I realized I could no longer see the keys.

Except for one error, pointed out by a helpful reader, I managed to type the whole thing without issue.  I guess I’ve been typing on keyboards for so long that, even though I don’t know the “home row” method of typing, I have a spatial knowledge of which key is where for my advanced 6-finger typing method (7, if you count the thumb on the space bar).

That could mean I’m talented.  Or just old.

Another observation that came to me yesterday as housekeeping knocked on the door is the behavior of travelers in hotels.  Since most of my stays have been between one and two nights, I haven’t had much opportunity to consider this (nor consider why anyone would consider this).

My five night stay in Pittsburgh afforded me the chance to compare my hotel etiquette with my home behavior.  They seem pretty consistent.  For one thing, I wash my sheets once a week at home but use a new towel for every shower.  I follow the same pattern in almost every hotel, except where they expressly ask me to reuse towels.

Hotels are constantly putting new packaged soaps in the room even though I’ve got a perfectly usable bar in the shower and bathroom sink.  Do people really throw out their soap after just one use?

Just as at home, I turn off electronics and lights when I’m not using them.  Habit, I guess.  It’s not that I’m committed to saving the hotel money, but it all does add up to helping the environment long-term, so it’s not a bad habit to carry around.

Interestingly, though I still have 11 more ball parks to get to, I now sit with less than three weeks until I can return to my (musty?) home.  I believe I will shift around my Georgia stay so I leave early on August 4th, stop by my friends in Jacksonville for a wrap-up lunch and head down to Boca straight away from there.

Originally, I had planned on staying overnight in Jax, but I think the urge to return home will be very strong by then and, considering some of my drives, the total road time isn’t out of the question, especially given a stop halfway for a leisurely lunch.  The bonus will be the lunch stop should mean I arrive back in South Florida after rush hour. Maybe.

Probably the end of this month I will send out a headcount email to my South Florida friends to determine how many will want to attend my momentous final game in Marlins Park on August 11th.  Depending on the count, I might even be able to get group pricing from the Marlins.

Tomorrow, the whirlwind restarts, with a drive to Detroit for a game that evening and then across the border into Canada the following day.  Then it’s six games in seven days in the northeast.  After that, a short break before Georgia and then, finally, home!

I’m launching Tampa and Miami from the house.  I look forward to a refrigerator and a barbecue again!


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