GNABRT Day 49 – Green Day


Green DayNah, not the popular group (although they put out some fine music), no today’s Great North American Baseball Road Trip post is the long-delayed 411 on the start-up testing I’ve been running concurrent with my trip.

If you’re a latecomer to the GNABRT blog, you can check out the (very high level) back story on this old post.  Go give it a read and we’ll hold here until you get back.

Titled, “The Green Driving Challenge™” (GDC), the concept is focused on eco-driving, hence its tag-line, “Protecting the Planet One Trip at a Time”.

In short, eco-driving is a means to do the same driving you do right now, with just some small style-changes, that can effectively reduce carbon emissions 10-20%.  You improve MPG at the same time as improving the environment.  Saving money and saving the planet…basically, it’s just all-over savings!

I’ve been testing the downloadable app by running it on my tablet (it will also work off your phone), the data then gets loaded to GDC central where your performance and scores are tallied up and displayed.  You then compare how you did vs. other players.  You can even form teams.

It’s an easy and fun way to join into the “saving the world” fight without even having to buy a hybrid vehicle.  I’ve been excited to see how I’ve been doing on my long and sometimes ecologically challenging trip (can you say Southern California?).

There’s still a lot of work to do before GDC goes mass market, but the progress that’s happening even over the month and a half of my trip is impressive.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay involved after the GNABRT ends.

Miscellany of Day 49:

– I’m nice and toasty in the room today.  As I was sitting in my room this morning with nothing better to do, the A/C turned on again.  Sure, it was blowing the air upwards now, but I still was not totally satisfied.

I scrambled down on the ground looking for a plug (none visible) when I saw a little panel at the recessed base of the A/C.  Sure enough, there was a heavy-duty plug (that thick flexible metal connector to a plug box) and the A/C plug.

There wasn’t enough room to actually unplug the A/C but there was a button I felt with my fingers.  Pressing it shut off the A/C.  Now the thermostat says ERR.

I can only hope that pressing the button again turns it back on.  I can also only hope Holiday Inn doesn’t read my blogs or I could be in a bit of trouble, in either case!

In the meantime, though, feels like Florida in here (minus the humidity).

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