GNABRT Day 47 – Playing catch (up)


playing catchAh, how long has it been since the Great North American Baseball Road Trip provided me a day off?  Not a game, a visit, a hike or an exploration?  Not since the beginning of June, back in California.

The day (and the next three) is much appreciated.  Even still, I wasn’t able to fully “rest”, as I woke up early this morning (habit) despite the late night from the extra inning game.  I’ll see if I can solve that issue over the next couple of days.

So, what did I get accomplished?  Well, the GNABRT is now officially done. Essentially.  I booked the last two baseball locations (Boston and Baltimore) and purchased the most likely sold out tickets (New York and Boston).

I haven’t booked South Carolina yet.  Seeing as I haven’t heard back from my friend in that area, I have left my destination between North Carolina and Georgia flexible.  I’ll make that decision…well, whenever I make that decision.

At this point, there is now less than a full month left on the trip.  At some point, I’ll need to send a famous reminder email to my South Florida posse (yeah, likely not what they would be considered, but I like being unhip and using dated, overused hip jargon) and confirm who will be attending my final game on August 11th at Marlins Stadium.  Maybe I can get a discount at of the Marlins for a group rate.

Miscellany of Day 47:

– I’ve been doing some research on my Florida Sun Pass, the electronic toll system used back home.  Sadly, it cannot be used with EZ Pass, the system used over most of the northeast and midwest.  According to my findings, that should happen some time next year.  Meh.

– Riding down the perilously narrow under-construction roads around Pittsburgh, I was interested to see certain two lane roads with odd signs that limited parking on those streets during evening rush hour.  I would imagine enforcement of those rules would actually cause a worse traffic jam.

– With ample meandering time, I took a wander around my car and was dismayed to see another scratch on my less-than-six month old car.  This was on the driver’s door, about where you could expect to see a car door or perhaps shopping cart cause damage.

I find it inexplicable how I could drive and own cars for 20 years in South Florida and not have as much body damage as I’ve suffered in the month and a half of this trip.  Double meh.

– I took a run to Best Buy to replace my nasty, disobeying wireless mouse with a new, more responsive wireless mouse (who doesn’t love Logitech?).  Before I left this morning, I could hear something rattling in the old mouse.  Perversely, it was acting better with the rattle than it did previously, but it’s my experience that rattles in technological things is not suggested.

Tomorrow, I will put the car at risk again as I take a quick lunch run at the urged Primanti Bros.  Outside of that, I think I will spend the day as a vegetable.

And will someone explain to me why I can’t turn my A/C off in the room?  Even when I set it to 80, it blows cold.  Good gosh, what a conspiracy from letting me have just one golly gosh day of warmth!

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