GNABRT Day 38 – And so it begins


IMG_053610 days, 9 games.

The Great North American Baseball Road Trip is hitting its stride, taking no prisoners and possibly causing me a nervous breakdown.  The upcoming schedule looks like this:

– Cardinals game today in St. Louis, drive to friend’s house for BBQ and then check in at hotel at 10 pm to post blog, shower and sleep.

– Tomorrow, take off for 1 pm (Noon CDT) Reds game at 6:30 am and return to Mattoon around 9 pm

– Monday, a little break, then take off for 7 pm White Sox game at 2:30 pm and return to Mattoon around 1:30 am

– Tuesday, take off for 7 pm Twins game at 7 am (9 hours); sleep over after

– Wednesday, take off for 1 pm Brewers game at 6 am (5.5 hours); sleep over after

– Thursday, drop off car for service at 7:30 am

– Friday, take off for 3 pm Cubs game at noon, take off from end of Cubs game to Cleveland (6 hours)

– Saturday, Cleveland game

– Sunday, take for 8 pm Pittsburgh game from Cleveland

Puff Puff.  After the Baseball All Star break, it will start again with the NE leg.

The game:  St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres.  Despite being ravaged by injuries to key players, the Cardinals hold Baseball’s best record.  They are in a mild slump, though, and San Diego had already taken the first two games in the 4 game set.

A solo homer by the Padres was the only scoring until late in the game.  In the bottom of the sixth, the Cardinals used the first hit in the major leagues by their leadoff hitter (a double), to tie the game and then, in the bottom of the eighth, the same hitter was able to score by tagging up from third on a short fly ball to right field.  He just beat the catcher’s tag in the definition of a “bang-bang play”.

The home team victory put the GNABRT record up to 9-3.

The tab:  Ticket, $42,30; Hot dog, $5.25; Soda, $5,25; Total – $52.80

Miscellany of Day 38:

– As I passed over sewer grates while walking the streets of St. Louis, I was sure I recognized the odor wafting upwards.  After much thinking, I believe it most closely resembled the smell of a zoo.  I guess it’s not just alligators roaming underneath the streets of St. Louis.

– Another odd thing I noticed was a strange shaped receptacle labeled “cigarette butt recycle”.  Perhaps these are everywhere, but this was the first time I had ever seen one.

– The day ended in a pleasant way as I got to spend time with another social network friend, the only reason I had for “setting up shop” here in Mattoon.  He gave me the convoluted directions to his out-of-the-way home and it turned out they were perfect…except for the last turn which was a hair off and first led me over an Indiana Jones bridge (boulder optional) and over a strip of road better suited for a raised truck (two worn tracks on either side of a weed filled middle – my underbody is either very clean or devoid of any rust protection).

It was another example of how many nice people there are in the world (lots of his family were around as well).

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