GNABRT Day 35 – Where did that come from?


GNABRT map - day 35Got started this morning on my next destination for the Great North American Baseball Road Trip, Kansas City, and shortly after hitting the road, weirdness began.

For some reason, I was unreasonably sleepy-headed.  I got my usual departure day sleep (4-5 hours after completing the blog), but I just couldn’t stay focused.

Of course, trying to force my eyes open and concentrate when I’m sleepy starts giving me a headache, so I could feel the (small) pounding begin to grow.

As soon as I could locate one, I slipped off to a rest area and just reclined in the car with my eyes closed.  I didn’t actually fall asleep, but I took a full hour to makes sure my little pounding went away.

I won’t say I was refreshed the rest of the way, but it was enough to complete the short (5.5 hours) trip to KC.

I’m typing up the blog early and will hit the sack early as well.  I have nothing planned before the game tomorrow (except laundry) and it’s an evening game.  My only worry is the weather, which is off-and-on ominous throughout the Missouri area (flood warnings for both KC and St. Louis – my next stop).

Miscellany of Day 35:

– Over the last couple of days, it has become apparent that my watch is dying.  I have a whole set of batteries back home, but I never considered bringing one of those with me.  I can’t see the value of buying yet another battery for the remaining month of the trip, so I guess I will join the rest of the world (temporarily) and use my phone when I need to check the time.  Meh.  Ah well, one less thing to forget in a hotel room.

– This hotel is literally right across the street from the baseball park.  In fact, it’s also right across the street from the football stadium.  Apparently, when they said “Sports Complex” in the location description, they meant it.

– Another interesting bennie of this hotel is that it has the cheapest laundry cost yet on the GNABRT (excluding homes).  Only $1.50 for wash and $1.50 for dry.  Now, I haven’t seen the size of the machines yet (Easy Bake?), but I assume I can get my stuff done in one load as usual.

– I don’t want to jinx it, but tomorrow may be the first game since Texas where I can go at night and still wear shorts.  Hoo hah!

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