GNABRT Day 32 – Where the buffalo roam


turtleWell, we did see a few lounging around here and there, but today was mostly a quiet time (hey, it’s a Sunday) that just had us take a road trip around the area and out to Hill City and Keystone.

The whole area is building up for a huge motorcycle gathering and the amount of bikers around town is already multiplying geometrically.

We had lunch in Hill City, where I ordered the Lois Lane sandwich (a combo of chicken breast, swiss, grilled mushrooms and sweet & spicy sauce) and their homemade potato chips (heavy on the pepper – yum!).

While in Keystone, we stopped at a store called “Turtle Town” for some ice cream.  I had a double scoop of coffee ice cream that was excellent (very rich).  I was told that they also made the best “turtles” candy, but those don’t travel well in Summer inside the car.

We’ll finish the day (and visit) off with a barbecue tonight (if the rain/hail storm stays away) and then it’s off in the wee hours again to head to Iowa and my next hosted friend visit.

After that, it’s back to baseball.  Here’s an idea of what’s coming up over the next two weeks:

7/2 – Royals

7/4  – Cardinals

7/5 – Reds

7/6 – White Sox

7/7 – Twins

7/8 – Brewers

7/10 – Cubs

7/11 – Indians

7/12 – Pirates

Now you know why I took the opportunity for this “down time”.  That’s some active scheduling!

Miscellany of Day 32:

– I have been gifted with wonderful offers throughout my GNABRT.  From the hosts in my first three stops, to my current and next hosts, to upcoming games where a local friend will either be joining and/or paying for me (food or, in some cases, tickets).

– It’s been a wonderful voyage of discovery as some of these people are old friends and some are people I’ve “met” through social sites and will meet in person for the first time.  Again, further proof that there are more nice people in the world than not.

– As I was using the proffered washer and dryer in my friends’ home this morning, I was stuck by two thoughts:

Boy, do I miss having a side by side washer and dryer.  My home was built with stackables and only a major remodeling could change that situation.

Washers and dryers are so much bigger than I remember them.  And smarter, too.  These communicated with each other (the dryer readout said “Reading load information from washer”.  Good golly!
– I’m doing some minor alterations of the trip relating to Washington and Philadelphia.  Thanks to an offer from some friends, I will now extend the drive from Toronto all the way to Georgetown and stay with them for a couple of days to take in the Nationals game and then train over to Philly for the Phillies game before heading up to New York/Boston.  I haven’t refigured the mileage/trip totals yet.


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