GNABRT Day 32 – The long road to Independence


GNABRT map - day 33As Buckaroo Banzai said, “No matter where you go…there you are.”

My day began under thunder, lightning and rain in the small town of Hot Springs, South Dakota and ended about 11 hours later in the smaller town of Independence, Iowa.

The ride was mostly uneventful (good), except for the very early parts during the rain.  While it was not hard enough to cause me much danger (some light hydroplaning, but nothing to raise alarm), it did provide me with a variety of interesting atmospheric distractions.

For example, as the sun began to rise in the east, the orange glow gave the clouds and rain a unique shade.  It appeared as if the clouds were dropping rust-colored rain.

rainbowLater, as my road veered north, I noticed a double rainbow across the sky.  When I say across, I truly mean it.  Without a “skyline”, there was nothing to interrupt the arch as it reached to the other side of the horizon.

I pulled over to get a shot with my phone, which wasn’t the brightest idea since the rain was coming in from that side.

Shortly after, a third rainbow appeared and finally yet another double rainbow, though this was after another set of turns, so it wasn’t like there were five rainbows in the sky at the same time.  I know the Supreme Court made a big decision this past week, but I don’t think these rainbows were making any statement other than they’re very pretty.

Today ended with me meeting a social media friend who I knew for some time but never met.  She and her husband took me to the Moose Lodge, where we all ate chicken dinner.  The lodge helps raise funds for a children’s support center to help educate youngsters and set them on the right path.  It’s a worthy cause that has a number of key successes.  Plus, the chicken was delish!

Miscellany of Day 32:

– On the way into Independence,  I ran with the car with the windows down.  Running past large fields of green plants, I smelled an unmistakable aroma.  I’ll give you three guesses (here’s a hint: corn).  Very nice.

– The above was only interrupted during the occasional heavily fertilized crops. You shouldn’t even need three guesses for that one.  That smell didn’t come off so nice.

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