GNABRT Day 31 – Remains of the day


fossilsToday marks the completion of the first full month on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  My departure was on May 28th and after a full month, I’ve gotten to see a lot of baseball, a lot of the country and a lot of gas stations.

Today was for general resting, some sight-seeing and some movie watching with my friends.  The first trip of the day was to the Mammoth Site, a museum/archeological location inside Hot Springs.

The doors open into two large mammoth skeletons and the guided tour takes you through the prehistoric sinkhole that turned into a hill and, when later was being developed commercially, uncovered multiple fossilized animal skeletons from over 25,000 years ago.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, chatting and movie watching.

The city:  Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Derived from the Lakota Indian name mnikhata, meaning hot water, took on its current name in 1882.

As the name suggests, the presence of hot water springs became a chief attraction of the city, including Evans Plunge, built in 1890 to provide relaxed swimming in the warm waters.  Hot Springs also is the host city for the Miss South Dakota pageant.

No Miscellany on Day 31!

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