GNABRT Day 3 – Grow up!


GNABRT map - day 3Day 3 of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip (none of which, so far, have actually involved a baseball game) reunited me with my oldest (longest?) friend, whom I grew up with back in North Miami Beach.

He lived on the street behind mine (although he could say I lived on the street behind him).  We played a lot of tennis together, shared some comic book fandom and read voraciously.

While our paths after college were quite different, we followed the same educational path through that part of life, going to the same elementary school, high schools and college (University of Florida!).  We even roomed together for a short time.

He now lives in a nice seaside town called League City, Texas, about a half hour south of Houston.  He didn’t hesitate in offering up his spare room for the three nights I would need and I will be most pleased by the opportunity to use his washer and dryer on my final night as I will have accumulated a week’s worth of laundry by then.

The City:  After the Indians, the first ownership of what was to become League City was to an Irish Catholic priest.  Later, a trio of wealthy families from Louisiana came to settle and established the roots of the city, expanding and developing the land.

Later still , when financier J.C. League was enticed to the area it opened up a “battle” to name the city.  Spoiler alert!  League won.

My history: Other than a previous visit here four years ago, none.

Miscellany of Day 3:

– Fun moment:  a double rainbow forming in the sky as I passed by the Biloxi water tower.

– Unfun moment:  when the guy in the lane next to me nearly swerved his car into me at 70 mph while leaning out his window trying to take a picture of said double rainbow.

– I’ve determined that no matter which state I stop in, at least one skeeter is going to get in the car with me for the next leg of my trip.

– I expected to get some of that soggy weather that had been covering Texas (lord knows, it would have helped me see through my bug-smeared windshield), but it was remarkably dry on the way in.

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