GNABRT Day 29 – A Rockie afternoon


RockiesAfter a night with flood and tornado warnings in Denver (and which I used a batch of rough tissues from my room to wipe off some congested bugs on the car while it was raining), today was a sparkling day.

So sparkling, in fact, that everyone in the stadium was wilting.  For most of the game there were absolutely no clouds in the sky and I was reminded I was a mile closer to the sun than in Florida.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed a rare day of heat and felt secure in my sunscreen.

The city:  Denver, Colorado.  The “mile high city” (in fact, 15 steps down the west of the capital building is exactly that height) was established in 1858.  Part of the Kansas Territory, the city (and county) took its name from the territory’s governor, James W. Denver.

Unfortunately, as with many of the towns in America, it took a bloody battle with the native Indians to establish the city exclusively to settlers, ultimately penning the natives on reservations.

Primarily a gold town, the Panic of 1893 (when America’s gold reserves plummeted), convinced Denver to diversify into many forms of economy, including farming, tourism, services and livestock.

Though there were many early breweries, only one survived to this day (you don’t need my help on that name).  Denver went on to house many corporate headquarters, become the largest telecommunications center and a major transportation hub in America.  It also employs more federal workers anywhere except Washington, D.C.  I don’t know what that actually says about Denver, but it’s a factoid for you.

Denver has many claims to notoriety, including all 4 major sports, Rockies (MLB), Broncos (NFL) Avalanche (NHL), Nuggets (NBA) and legalized marijuana.

The game:  Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. Two teams bumbling around in the NL West, with Colorado in last place.  Fielding a lineup without their two best players, the Rockies held their own against the Diamondbacks…or else both teams just didn’t want to be out there in the heat.

It was a long dreary game that looked like a sad ending when the away team scored in the top of the 7th to take a 2-1 lead on the punchless Rockies.  In the bottom of the eighth, the Rockies pinch-hit their best player and he promptly hit a game-tying home run.  Four runs later, the Rockies looked certain to win, taking a 6-2 lead into the 9th.

A couple of runs brought the tying run to the plate, but the Rockies closer struck him out to seal the game and bring the GNABRT record up to 8-2.

The tab:  Ticket, $21; Hot dog, $4.75; Soda, $4.5; Total – $31.50 (cheapest game yet)

No Miscellany for Day 29!

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