GNABRT Day 26 – Nowhere left to roam


GNABRT map - day 26With the unfortunate (but probably inevitable) “item left behind”, this blog and tomorrow’s will have to be kept miserly.

Sadly, I left my ac adapter to the laptop still plugged into the wall in Kalispell.  Unfortunate, but replaceable.  I tried this little town’s (supposed) version of Wal-Mart and it turned out it was more like an Albertson’s.  Mostly food and a couple of aisles of general household.

In two more days I will be in Denver and I expect no shortage of locations to buy a replacement adapter and power cord.

An odd message was on my phone this morning saying I had used up all of my roaming data.  I was confused by this since I have data roaming turned off on the phone and use WiFi whenever possible.

I will wait until I have the charger for the laptop to research this never-before-occurred instance.  Perhaps my new life as a social media maven is eating up this “roaming” thing?  It’s not like T-Mobile has offered me reliable service on this trip.  Hmm.

The city:  Little Driggs, ID, with a 2010 population of 1,660 (up 50% from 2000!), is actually named after a person named Driggs.  The city was founded in 1888 by a pair of Driggs, Benjamin Woodbury Driggs Jr. and Don Carlos Driggs.

The city is conveniently located near many traveler destinations including the Tetons and West Yellowstone, as well as Jackson Hole.

Miscellany of Day 26:

– As I left Kalispell, I spent a long time driving around a lake.  It was huge.  So huge it took me over 30 miles to get clear of it.  I was so impressed I looked it up.  It seems Flathead Lake is large indeed, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi.  No wonder there are so many boat dealers in the area.

– I made the trip to Driggs from Kalispell in one long and frankly surprising shot, with no stops.  460+ miles in 6 3/4 hours, all at speed limit.  Most of the trip was at 75 but as soon as I saw the sign “Welcome to Idaho”, the next sign was Speed Limit 80.  Heh.

– Riding through Idaho, there was just miles and miles of rolling hills and farms.  I couldn’t identify the crops and it occurred to me that I have so little knowledge.  My lifetime in Florida has left me thoroughly unschooled in the rest of the country.

– Even after seeing a sign that said “Potatoes for sale”, it took at least another five minutes before the two words connected (“Potato”, “Idaho”).  I guess I know what a lot of the crops are now.

– Incredibly, I was in Hot Springs again today.  What is it about that name and these west and midwest states?

– The local store, “Broulim’s” did at least provide me with dinner (there’s nothing nearby except Mexican and Korean).  I filled up a large plastic container with salad and loaded it up with everything (including chicken and ham).  At $6.99/lb., I expected to get a whopper bill, but I figured I had enough for today and tomorrow.  Turns out it was only $3.84.  My cheapest and healthiest meal yet on the GNABRT.

Tomorrow, I go to Yellowstone.  I will risk some time on the laptop battery to do some research before leaving and then hopefully have enough juice to write tomorrow’s blog.

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