GNABRT day 24 – South of the border


GNABRT map - day 24Canadian, that is.

A pure travel day for the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  Plenty of activity both actual and mental as the day progressed.

Foremost to be mentioned is that every vista during the drive was amazing.  I won’t use the word “unbelievable”, since many people have gazed on the natural displays before, but I will use the term “jaw-dropping spectacular”.

As I roamed up I-90, through Washington and then Idaho, I witnessed round green mountains.  It’s not that the mountains were in truth round, it’s just that the rich, stunningly tall trees “took the edges off”.  During some scenes, it was just a great rising green carpet.

There were plenty of harrowing adventures on the high-speed winding roads, too.  It’s all I can do to maintain sanity as my imagination and vertigo battle to swerve the car for me.  I’m still flexing the claws that were once my fingers (I’m sure the steering wheel now has imprints).

It occurred to me, in a moment of sublime happiness, that I’m finally on my way home.  Granted, I’m at the northern part of the world (contiguous style), but I was headed east today.  Hoo hah!

Miscellany 0f Day 24:

– As I was leaving Seattle and entering onto I-90 East, one of the overpasses across the highway had about a dozen or so taxidermed fish attached to it.  It was weird and unexplainable (to me).  I chalked it up to another puzzle from my Seattle visit.

– The challenge of talking on the cellphone and entering the interstate proved too much for me.  As I pulled away from a gas station, still talking to my niece, I took the westbound entrance instead of east.  Meh, only cost a few miles…and a slap on the head.

– Further along the same interstate, the right lane became perforated.  I kid you not.  Both sides of the right lane had regular indentations on them similar to that old roll paper you used to feed into dot matrix printers (youngsters – forget it).  I snuck into the left lane as often as I could.

– I was in Hot Springs today.  In a week I will still be in Hot Springs, just a couple of states eastward.

– Based on some bad planning and confusion, I may not end up at Yellowstone after all.  It appears the hotel I thought I was booking is, in fact, one that is over 4 hours from Yellowstone.  Meh.  I have reviewed possible alternatives and, as might be expected two days away, everything is booked.  I mean everything.  I now have to decide whether to go someplace else, stay longer in Denver or stay longer in this nice affordable, if out-of-the-way hotel.

– Speaking of affordable, the nice desk clerk gave me an additional discount merely because I was pleasant.  She went through a litany of choices (AAA, AARP, Military, Disabled, etc.) and I didn’t qualify for any.  In this case, it pays less to be nice.

Tonight I will study the rules and regs for Glacier National Park and then go to the main area and declare myself hopeless and let them suggest where to go.

Since there will be no wireless or cellular reception in the park, you won’t know if I’ve been maimed by a bear or merely out of contact until the end of the day.  Upon returning safely, I will try to consider my options for replacing Yellowstone.

This suggests to me I may need to solicit advice in advance for places like the great Northeast (such as getting in and out of NY).  I probably need to get more aggressive in booking and just take my chances with the weather (so far, benign).

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