GNABRT Day 22 – Road Wearier


GNABRT map - day 22Who was the numskull that mapped out this trip?  15 hours.  Fif.  Teen.

I thought it was going to be 12-ish.  Of course, allowing for stops, maybe thirteen.  But 15?  Sheesh.

However, mimicking the Emperor from Star Wars, “Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen.”  I always thought that by the time I hit Seattle, I would be “over” driving.  I am glad to see I know myself so well…after this last stint, I am so over driving.

That is why I planned the trip this way, of course.  I couldn’t be farther from home nor is there any other solution but driving back, so…might as well finish the durn thing.

But if I ever get my hands on that numskull…

Owing to the extended travel and overall lateness (what was that I said about an early blog?), I think we’ll leave the city history section for tomorrow.  Let’s skip directly to…

Miscellany of Day 22:

– I had no problem getting on the right muni in the morning to get to my car.  Lugging my suitcase, laptop bag and full cooler uphill the block and half (estimated) in the 5 am chill was something else.  I was panting and sweating (not a nice thing in cool air).  But, obviously, I made it.

– As I was leaving San Francisco, I looked out over the other suspension bridge and was amazed that the bridge hangs at an angle.  I sure didn’t feel like I was on an incline as I was driving on it.  How odd.  Of course, it was early, so maybe I just imagined it.

– When I was zipping up I-5 in California, there were large stretches of planted things marked by white stakes (if they’re wine grapes, chalk it up to my ignorance of all things alcohol).  As the car flew past, the sun reflecting off the stakes gave an illusion like a large train was moving across the fields.  Neat!

– Later, in an unknown point along an unlabeled stretch of highway, the median area between the north and south lanes had these huge flowering bushes, some as large as trees.  At my speed, I could not identify the flowers, but there were different types and colors.  Also neat!

– I could view a little more scenery for a good stretch as it was mostly straight and flat.  During that period there were lots of mountains to view.  Later they turned into mountains with trees, which were even more cool.

– Passing one farm or ranch or whatever area, they had placed a calf and a cow facing each other and reasonably adjacent to the road.  I had no idea if these were statues or taxidermist figures, but either way, the posing and expressions were bizarre and unsettling.  Ewww.

– Stuck in Portland traffic for an hour (what, does everybody get off work before 4 pm there?), I noticed this big silver thing sliding across some cables to a tall building.  The nearest I could describe it would be an enclosed ski lift.  I’m sure any Portlanders out there know what I’m referring to.

– One positive to sitting all that time in traffic is I was able to roll down the windows and feel my first warmth since Texas.  Nice!

As I arrived, rain drops began to fall (who’d a thunk it?).  I am just going to sleep off whatever today did to me and then see if I can combine sight-seeing and game attendance tomorrow (since I have to take the train in anyway, might as well just go into town earlier).

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