GNABRT Day 19 – Just chillin’

IMG_0373All night, in fact.

As expected, the Giants games was a chilling experience.  Before the game started, I grabbed my official hot dog and waited for my drink.  I planned on downing a hot chocolate to get myself pre-warmed and I didn’t want it to cool down while I was finishing the dog.

A group of SF fans invited me to sit with them while I chomped and we had a nice rambling conversation over the next 25 minutes.  The crazy thing was, it was actually colder on the concourse than it was in my seat.  Ridiculous!

I picked up the hot chocolate (Ghirardelli) and went back to my seat.  It was hot enough to make me sniffle (heat and cold converging will do that to sinuses) and it had the effect I was looking for as I was “warm” for a time.

My section eventually filled up, though the bodies never quite provided the human warmth I was hoping for.  Occasionally the wind would shift and a deep chill would seep into me.  Thankfully, I didn’t face that wind all game.

The game:  San Francisco Giants vs. Seattle Mariners.  The defending World Series champion Giants have been trailing the Dodgers for some weeks now, safely in second place but needing to put together a win streak to catch L.A.  The Mariners have been struggling, ahead of only Oakland in the topsy-turvy AL West.

The game was a bit embarrassing for the Giants, as they were facing a pitcher with a losing record and a bad ERA (Earned Run Average – the amount of runs given up per 9 innings).  Despite getting a lot of hits in the early part of the game, they couldn’t muster more than one run.

Sloppy play in the field also hurt the Giants and they eventually fell to the Mariners in a dreary game not much worth the unpleasant temperatures.  My home record now falls to 5-2.

The tab:  Ticket, $30; Hot dog, $7; Hot Chocolate, $7, Muni ride, $4.50; Total – $$48.50

Miscellany of Day 19:

– AT&T Park is an impressive ballpark with great views, though the upper decks are at an alarmingly steep angle.  I may need to rethink my game ticket budget to consider moving down to lower blood pressure levels.

– The Giants park was also the most expensive yet for food.  The hot dog was a little thicker than others, but $7 dwarfed the other parks so far,

– There were three men behind me who talked the entire game.  One was clearly the driver of the chatter as the only time there was quiet behind me was when he left to get a Cha Cha Bowl.

– Apparently, local knowledge plays into the eating habits as many people around me brought their own food.  Still, I was puzzled during the game when it smelled like fish near me.  Turns out a popular food item sold there is a crab sandwich.

– I think I’ve got this Muni travel down now.  I managed to ride back to my friend’s area during the day (due to forgetting my hat in the car) and then get down and back from the game.  Wednesday, I get to see if I do as well with the BART.

– While I was able to pick up my hat on my trip during the day, I didn’t realize I left my beard trimmer in the “mini” bag.  My bag switching skills were not in peak performance this time and the result will be a half-grown scruff by the time I get to Seattle.

– I went through an extended booking process during the afternoon, locking in the next three destinations (Seattle, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park).  I was surprised how many hotels were already booked around the national parks on the days I wanted.

Probably in Seattle, I will look to book the Colorado and South Dakota stops and then it’s the midwest for a while.

The good thing about the cold game tonight is it made me appreciate my room as not as cold as it felt yesterday.  Whether that wears off by tomorrow night is another story.

I think tomorrow I will go wandering around San Fran, if the weather forecast holds (low 60’s).  My dislike and low tolerance for cold is stronger than most people can imagine and will erode my ambitions of sight-seeing if the temps do not climb a bit.  The wind is especially bothersome.