GNABRT Day 17 – Angels up high


GNABRT map - day 17The Great North American Baseball Road Trip took to the heavens in Anaheim for the Los Angeles Angels game (I still can’t stop thinking of them as the California Angels).  The high heavens, in this case, as I sat in the first row of the upper deck behind home plate.

Great seats and a great view, not just of the game, as two big arenas were out past center field and behind them were mountains.

The day started off with me trying to squeeze out as much sleep as I could after yesterday’s marathon.  The drive from Chinatown to Anaheim was uneventful (no longer mentioning CA traffic).

I made a pit stop at a laundromat about 3 minutes from the hotel and did another super load in those super big washers and dryers.  About $5, as before, to wash and dry everything.  In retrospect, I could have chosen better from my stock of clothing.  I would have elected more long-sleeve shirts and undergarments over sleepwear and miscellaneous.  Ah well, I’ll know better for my next 15,000 mile road trip.  Shyeah.

The hotel was the closest yet to the stadium, even closer than Arizona (and no rain).  I brought the heavy jacket in full expectation, but I was on the leeward side this time and got no wind to chill me, so I survived without wearing it (a couple of times were close, but I braved it).

The city:  Finally, a new settler!  After weeks of Spanish and Mexican stories, Anaheim, California owes its beginnings and names to Germans.  Farmers, to be specific, and the name comes from the Santa Ana river nearby (you knew the Spanish would get in there somewhere) and the German word “heim”, which means home.

That was back in 1857 and those farmers were working hard on many crops, including grapes for wine, when a plague wiped out the vineyards a decade and a half later.  With dreams of Minute Maid in their head, they planted citrus trees instead and you have seen the advertising and grocery store shelves to tell the rest of that tale.

When the city was incorporated in 1876, its population was 881.  It’s currently the 10th largest city in California.  During the post-WWII boom across America, a man named Disney rode into town.  He managed to shape the image and imagination of a whole lot more than Anaheim, but in 1955 he opened what he originally thought to name Mickey Mouse Park.  I think we can all agree the change was for the better.

The Game:  Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics.  Now that Houston has hit a slow spell, the Angels’ battles to stay above .500 have put them within a stone’s throw of first place in the division.  Surprisingly, the A’s have faded to last in the division after many years of upper-level play.

This was a well-pitched and well-defended game.  Very few base runners and key outs made by pitchers meant that the solo home run hit in the first inning by the Angels was the only run of the game and the home team picked up the victory 1-0.  That makes me 5-1 for on my 30-game home stand (even if it takes 15,000 miles to be home for each one).

Fortuitously, the game was quick, ending in under 2 1/2 hours.  That allowed me to stay and watch the fireworks show they put on and it was terrific.  A quick exit from the stadium and a quick walk back to the hotel and it looks like I will even get to bed before midnight PST.  What a treat!

The tab:  Ticket, $33; Hot dog, $4.75; Lemonade, $6.50; Total – $44.25

Miscellany of Day 17:

– I was running out of cash in my wallet (tips and take out food), so I went searching for a Wells Fargo.  As usual, the phone and nav wanted me to go all over the place.  I got about 2 blocks from the laundromat when I saw a big building with Wells Fargo on it and went there instead.  The punchline?  There was a Wells Fargo right across from the hotel I’m staying at.  Who knew?

– The hotel is an Embassy Suites and it’s ridiculously big.  I should have stayed here and driven to the Dodgers (though, then I wouldn’t have gotten to taste all that excellent food from Chinatown, so all in all, it was a fair trade).

– On my way to the game, I saw a hummingbird dancing around some flowering bushes.  By the time I dug my phone out of my jeans, he had flitted across the road.  Neat, though!

I’m still undecided about tomorrow.  I wanted to start reasonably early to get into San Fran before the rush hour (and the cold, well colder, since it’s always cold there), but I wouldn’t mind some catch-up sleep.

There’s a lot to see in the bay area, though, so even though I don’t see the Giants until evening the next day and I have a “dead” day before heading to the A’s game in Oakland, I’m concerned I might not take the time to get enough sleep before the monster ride up to Seattle.

I’ll give it some more thought tomorrow morning.  For now, I think an “early” bed time is in order.

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  1. BIG guy

    Hello fair weather fan! 5-1 home record. Gotta like it by now. Other than the service stop, how is your Subie? Kinda wish I were with you. Kinda. Say hi to mom and have another slice of apple pie for me! I left my heart in San Francisco. Keep an eye out for it. Safety first, last, and always!

    • JMD

      Subie is good, took a little hit at the SD Zoo, but a good detailing should clean it up nicely. I’m sure you wish you were with me here…your type of weather. I’ve had the hot dogs, but no chance for apple pie yet. Maybe when I hit the midwest.


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