GNABRT Day 15 – Taking the road less eaten


road eatenIt’s the last “lazy” day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip for some time.  Starting tomorrow, driving and baseball are back, baby!

Before I started this trip, I rued the likelihood that I would gain significant weight along the two-month journey on fast and/or bad food.  Appearances suggest that two weeks in, that’s not necessarily a doom I will face.

In an odd way, the time zones are helping protect me from excessive eating and thus excessive weight gain.  Though my sleeping habits seem to be adjusting to the time changes, my appetite has not yet caught up.

This has often times left me with a light breakfast (usually provided by the hotel) and a “late” lunch.  I use the quotes because the lunch hour on PST is nearly dinner time back home.  What seems to be happening is my 4-5 pm (EST) lunch is sufficient to forestall further hunger pangs before curtain fall.

Added to this oddity is the fact that I’ve now missed two “goody” days.  Traditionally, Sundays are my day for some outrageous breakfast treat (think eclairs, danish, cookies or the like and milk).  Being on the road and in hotels precludes that tasty and ever-so-fattening “meal”.

Finally, when I’m having “dinner” at a ball game, it’s basically a hot dog and a sugar-filled drink (usually Coke).  And that’s it.  Sure, there was the one time with Cotton Candy, but I didn’t even get close to finishing it during the game.  You also can’t count a bag of peanuts for much caloric intake.

So, perhaps my fears of weight gain may yet prove groundless.

Miscellany of Day 15:

– The fog and rain rolled in this morning, as did cooler temperatures (low 60’s).  Neither the mayor or the Governor has yet called me, but I assume the plans for my statue are proceeding.

– I took a jaunt out at lunchtime to find some bland American food after five days of Asian fare, tasty as it was.  After the Dodger Stadium fiasco, I elected to just keep walking straight on Hill Street (yeah, it’s aptly named).  I passed endless “districts”, including the Jewelry District and the Historic District.

– In my experience, many cities have a part of town that is too old or too expensive to renovate, so they slap a “historic” label on it to see if they can drive some tourist traffic there.  I was singularly uninspired with the so-named district as I walked through it, feeling no creeping nostalgia or out-of-time sense.

– The walk, in total was only about 4 miles, but it gave me better feelings than that fitful struggle the other day going to the Dodger game.

– Tomorrow in San Diego, I believe I will go to the San Diego Zoo.  It’s grossly expensive (I feel Zoos should encourage as many people as possible to visit), but it’s still a fantastic zoo (been there once before).  I can then leave from there for the game.

– Tomorrow will also be my last night in this hotel.  I take a short hop to Anaheim and a hotel about a half-mile from the Angels stadium.  The next day I pop up to San Fran for the bay area games.

– Laundromat #2 will probably take place around Anaheim.

– In a funny coincidence, there is a little shop about 40 feet from the hotel entrance here in Chinatown that has convenience foods.  It only had two chocolate bar choices and, as much as I enjoy Kit Kats, I just wanted chocolate, so I went for the Hershey’s Chocolate bar (the one with the little squares).  Peace now reigns in the world.

– The ceiling of the hallway to the front door of my room was leaking water this morning.  For the longest time, I thought it was a trick echo of the rain outside, but it was causing such a nag on my senses that I had to get up and wander around the room.

A splash upon my head confirmed the leak, coming from where the light fixture was located.  Since water and electricity are not friends, I popped downstairs and informed them.  They offered to move me, but the workman claimed he could fix the leak (not that I could tell, since it was not English he was speaking).

Whether the leak is truly fixed or the pooled rain is simply gone, they were able to turn on the light without sizzling.  I don’t use that light anyway, but I’m happy to simply wait out my remaining two nights here.

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