GNABRT Day 14- Same old story


same oldIt was a cool, gray day in L.A. and though there were no deterring raindrops, still the day did nothing to induce me to travel into L.A. proper.  Plus, I have to say the books I’m reading (a 4-book series) has finally started warming up and I feel like I can complete all four before my adventures in San Diego two days hence.

As I see it now, I will probably leave after “rush hour” (assuming that concept even applies to California traffic) and head down early to spend the day in San Diego.  Perhaps I will visit the zoo or one of the museums.  I could also walk the beach, although the temperatures may not be GNABRT conducive (contrary to the tales of Southern California, the high that day is only supposed to be 69).

The game is at night, so I’ll need my cold weather gear (gosh help me in San Fran).  The next morning, I finally leave Chinatown for another hotel close to the Angels stadium.  I might choose that day to search up my second laundromat so I have ample cold weather gear for my bay area California stop.

Tomorrow, I will finally eschew staying in the room all day and walk to a cafe on Sunset Boulevard to eat something decidedly American for lunch.  Whether I venture further (the cafe is about a three-mile walk), will be determined by how much of the trip is uphill (realizing that I have to walk back the same distance).

I did skip out today at least to get the Chego’s Chubby Pork Belly mentioned so fervidly yesterday.  It was as tasty as expected, though nowhere near as spicy as The Beefy T.

Now, the only thing missing is I have a craving for some chocolate.  I need to find a general store somewhere nearby (not as easy as you might think in Chinatown).  Perhaps I’ll pass one during tomorrow’s escapade.

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