GNABRT Day 13 – Booked in my room


booked roomA quiet day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.

My inestimable powers of meteorological mysticism brought dampness to California and my equally astounding good fortune timed it for the day after my baseball game.

Bowing to the forces I wrought, I elected to stay in for the day and read, something I haven’t been fortunate enough to spend the time on I like over the past several weeks leading up to the GNABRT.

Foresight had me pack four real books (ones with paper, not bytes) and I have managed to get through one and half of the four I brought.  These are pretty big books, so that’s some serious reading.

I expect tomorrow will clear up and allow me to venture forth unto the Los Angeles area for exploration.  I still lean towards walking, at least one way (I could always catch a bus or cab back).  We will see.  L.A., actually, doesn’t fascinate me that much, though a nice walk might.

Down time on the GNABRT is both unexpected and problematic.  However, I relish the opportunity to spend time with books, a true love that I need to pay more attention to in the future.

Miscellany of Day 13:

– Not much, as you garner from above.  I did review the various potential eating spots around here and, as you might suspect, they are mostly Asian cuisine (some Mexican/Spanish).  Initially I had the thought of returning to Chego’s for their specialty bowl, The Chubby Belly:

kochujang-lacquered Kurobuta pork belly rice bowl w/ fried egg, pickled radishes, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija and peanuts.

– Deciding that nothing is served by playing it safe, I walked to another close-by location, Lieng Hoa, for one of their famous BBQ pork sandwiches on a Banh Mi baguette. The store is more of an Asian deli, with fresh vegetables and cooked whole ducks hanging in windows.

The BBQ pork sandwich is magnificent, with copious amounts of tasty pork (chopped in front of you from big chunks), noodles, cucumbers, jalapenos and spicy sauce.  It’s a footlong mouth (and eye) watering goodness for a ridiculously low $4,75.  I might wander back for their other sandwiches and almost wish I was around long enough to purchase one of their Peking ducks!

One thing an extended stay in one place grants me is the opportunity to eat something beyond fast food.  Nummy!

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