Give it another day


I was set to publish a post about Donald Trump yesterday. In fact, I spent most of my walk composing the post. It was, I felt, a needed statement on Mr. Trump’s newest affronts.

And then I nixed it. The tone was mean, fueled by righteous anger and I realized the operative emotion in my post was anger.

And that is when I further realized, I am become like unto Trump.

That is what Mr. Trump does, he provokes and creates anger. Anger for him and anger against him, but astoundingly consistent in that anger is the overwhelming emotion associated with him.

I don’t look at Mr. Trump as an agent of change. Nothing he has proposed so far in his campaign or his executive overreach is anything new. It’s actually quite antiquated.

No, I see Mr. Trump more as a reagent, similar to the chemical reagents we used back in Chem Lab. That was when we added the mysterious something to the beaker that made it bubble up and overflow. As apt a description of Mr. Trump’s effect on the world as anything.

And that effect is what gave me pause.

I have seen friends and family react to Mr. Trump’s alchemy, devolving in such sharp and pronounced ways that I can only define as shocking. I never imagined the thoughts, ideas or words that people I’ve known forever have been spewing forth recently.

It came to me that I was about to join them. If I published my “mind-written” post.

Fortunately, the soothing balm of sun and youngsters (see yesterday’s post) gave me pause enough to shelve it for a day.

It’s funny. Seeing those kids going to schools, on foot or by bike; watching them dealing with their reality of books and tests and homework, I wondered who really was more mature these days.

If nothing else, the thought made me laugh and in that moment, the spell was broken and I became me again, released from the veil of meanness that Mr. Trump has wrapped us in so expertly that we don’t even realize how far we are falling.

I look forward to publishing my post, filled with passion but hopefully absent the rancor that Mr. Trump thrives on.

Spiritually and emotionally, it’s worked out so well to delay the post that I may just give it another day.

2 Responses to “Give it another day”

  1. Steve

    Very wise and appreciated thoughts, Jeff, which I can personally can learn from. I can’t help but be angry at a president who is trampling on our rights, ignoring our principals and embarrassing our great nation, but It is best to have a reasoned and measured response unlike the other side. In any case, anyone who finds the Trump administration an affront, should take action!

    • JMD


      I am wholeheartedly for debate and protest, it is the soul of our country. Outrage has to be tempered with reason, however, or all anyone hears is the screeching and the message is lost.

      We’ll see if I can do a *reasonable* job expressing myself in my post later this week!


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