Gimme some skin

Gimme some skin - if you're not gonna eat it, pass it over here...I love skin!

My friend and I were heading to the beach for a walk and she asked me if I had been to The Boys recently. That’s my favorite farmer’s market. I mentioned that I now also use them for chicken wings and she said she didn’t like wings because they were mostly skin. My response? Gimme some skin!

I am my father’s son

Dad and I share a lot of similar eating tastes. Seafood (except he likes squid and I don’t). Asian. BBQ. The list is pretty much endless. Well, he also likes beef liver and I don’t, so there is that.

But, one thing we can emphatically agree on is we love skin. Because, it has the best of both worlds. It has all the seasonings and a good part of the fat. Anyone who loves bacon knows the allure of fat, right?

Gimme it, old man

Now, I hope my Dad lives forever. Assuming he wants to. But, one of the big pluses for me that he is about to turn 90 is that he isn’t “allowed” to eat skin anymore.

It’s not a digestive thing, he can easily handle it (along with the hot sauce he puts on just about everything). Nope, it’s the fat that the doctors don’t want him to have. We both agree: stupid doctors. Live longer with less enjoyment of life. Bah!

On the other hand, guess who gets that skin? Yeah, baby!

Making the case for skin

If you’re one of those healthy boneless, skinless freaks…get outta here. Because skin is where it’s at. Gimme some skin and then gimme more.

When done right, the skin is baked to a crisp. It’s crunchy with seasoning and just that hint of fatty goodness.

Hey, my current blood numbers and blood flow say I can keep enjoying skin for some time. And it’s not like I load up with fatty foods elsewhere. Plus, I have lots of variety in my diet, so I don’t get to say gimme some skin that often.

But when I do get the chance…nummies!

Gimme some skin

So, what do we have here? Is that Thanksgiving I see on the horizon? Yes? And whenever do you hear of people preparing boneless skinless turkeys for Thanksgiving?

(If you do hear of that, keep it to yourself! Ew, disgusting.)

So, if and when the time comes, should someone peel that crunchy covering off and not want it, I think you know what I’m going to say by now.

Gimme some skin!

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