Getting an earful


earfulHad a lunch and miscellaneous day with Dad yesterday.  A “miscellaneous day” is characterized by riding around town doing multiple errands.

Dad took the wheel this time, as he wanted to get his car washed.  After a nice lunch (Five Guys!) and the requisite wash, we got down to his main shopping desire:  finding a comfortable pair of earphones…for his wife.

Seems Dad wanted to watch TV at the same time my Step-mom wanted to listen to music off the computer.  Since the TV and computer are both in the same room, this presented a noisy conflict (see how much easier my single life is?).

Dad suggested we stop in Office Depot simply because it was literally right around the corner from the car wash.  I didn’t think they would have much in the way of headphones (I figured Best Buy or hhgregg would be the optimum location), but I was surprised by the selection.

They had one that Dad liked and we thought would feel comfortable, but they had none in stock.  Dad’s next choice was Tiger Direct (formerly CompUSA).  He has a strange love affair with that place.

This time, we found a pair that was really comfortable but we couldn’t get it to play (not from the display or connected to my iPhone).  The salesman couldn’t solve the issue, but seeing as there was only one left and it was surprisingly reasonable at $39.99, Dad made the decision to pick it up (he could always return it upon spousal disapproval).

Apparently it really was surprisingly reasonable, since the cashier announced $134 after tax.  We correctly guessed that Florida did not raise the sales tax to 250% and, after voiding the sale, found a label on the shelf far away from where the headphones were that matched the (correct) price of $127.  Um, no.

I wanted to go to Super Target for reasons that may make it to a different blog post and encouraged Dad to look there because mass market discounters were likely places for less expensive headphones.

My Dad’s rumbling, “Forget it, Jeff” from two aisles over led me to discover the excellent selection of headphones at Super Target, starting from $139.  Huh?  They ranged all the way into the $300’s.  What part of discount mass merchandiser got confused in translation?

At day’s end, Dad decided he could shop online for the headphones while I suggested what he should really do is take his wife with him to the store since it was her comfort that we were talking about.

Otherwise, he might end up getting a different type of earful.

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