Get it back!


get it backUgh.  That sinking feeling after you press publish, post, comment, tweet or send.  Then comes the mad rush to figure out how to save the situation.

At least when it came to my books, people are required to plunk down money before they can see my blunders (granted, this makes them extra mad, but the sample size is much smaller).

Being public (and soon to be more so, with the GNABRT) means you have limited time between your public (and free access) blunder and someone grabbing it and sharing, commenting or retweeting it to all their social friends.  Ad nauseam.

Now, this only matters to people of conscience, of course.  There are mylar balloons capable of more thought than some of the people out there give before they go public.  Twitter is (ahem) littered with them.  Even Facebook posts still go viral pretty darn quickly when someone publicly embarrasses themselves.

I’m hoping my cramped schedule and activities don’t have me inadvertently popping something onto the internet that, through bad syntax or bad auto-correct, gets me a slice of notoriety I would dearly like to avoid.

Between stubby fingers and meager texting experience, I know something will get out there that will make me groan.  Hopefully nothing so bad as to make me want (need?) to get it back.

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