Galley Ho!


Galley Ho!After battling with a prolonged cold (two weeks, can you believe?), I’ve finally managed to go through the “official” review of the galley copy of “What Next?”.

For those of you unfamiliar to the process, a “galley” copy is created from the final manuscript and is used to verify the book prior to actual publication.  In all aspects, it IS the final book, but the single copy printed allows a last look to ensure everything checks out.

Everything, in this case, means “every thing”.  From cover color to cover copy to indicia to page numbers to the color of the paper.  Although the book is considered final when a galley is produced, there exists a “last chance” to make changes.  Any changes at this point require additional setup by the printer and therefore additional costs to the publisher (and author).

I’m happy to say there is nothing that requires a change…or at least nothing that requires that much effort for a change.  There may be a small thing an exceptionally careful reader might catch.  Should one of you notice it, drop me a line and I’ll think of some prize to give you for your eagle-eyed skill.

Now, it’s in the hands of the publisher.  They will ready the book for release through the distributor so it can be picked up by the online and brick and mortar outlets.  They will also create the e-pub versions for the various e-readers.

I’ll be letting all of you know as soon as the book is “officially” up for sale, which should be quite soon.  Look for an excerpt on the website within a week or so, for those of you who want a “sneak peek”.

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