Finally, a Father’s Day together!


Without intending, this looks like it’s turning into “Niece week”, with at least another niece related post on the docket for tomorrow.

It was just after we had finished our first set of tennis yesterday when my phone rang.  My tennis partner looked at me and said “That’s yours” as if he needed to say it aloud to believe it.

To understand, you have to realize that while every one of us has our phones with us on the court, I almost never receive a call.  Maybe two or three times a month (compared to that many per morning for everyone else there) .  So when my phone rings, it’s a matter of shock and awe.

The call was from my Dad, who wanted to let me know that he was planning on combining a birthday lunch with my older niece (June 18th) and “sort of” a Father’s Day celebration (June 17th).  My response was amazement, tinged with a hint of Daniels’ family sarcasm:

“Finally!  I’m actually going to see you on Father’s Day!”

Here’s the back story to that apparently rude comment.  For the last, gosh, maybe ten years, Dad has been evasive to indifferent about getting together for Father’s Day.  In a similar manner, my Stepmom has also been less eager to celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Oddly, we get together more often now (since I left Corporate America) than ever, but even before our increased visits, they both always had “plans” with their friends to be doing something.  Maybe their friends don’t have family down here and my Dad and Stepmom want to keep them company.  Maybe it’s just the way they enjoy life now.  Maybe they no longer care about “made up” holidays.

The weird thing is, we always got together for all of these “milestones” in the past.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, etc.  The change in preference befuddles and disappoints me.  Which explains my surprise and snarky reply (by the way, that is an inherited trait from the most excellent man I love and emulate).

Dad laughed and then asked if I would again chauffeur them both to the restaurant (my niece chose La Bamba, which as far as Mexican food in Florida goes, is pretty good).  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, my Avalon is the preferred vehicle of choice for family events.

Of course I agreed.  I then went on to explain the whole scenario to my partner.  He had met my Dad, briefly, at my birthday barbecue (a few posts back, fellow readers) and wished my Dad had stayed longer because he thought he was a funny guy.  My Dad is that and many other lovable things.  And now I finally get another chance at a hug and telling him face to face on Father’s Day.

Finally, a Father’s Day together!

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