Feet don’t fail me now


Newsflash! Getting to the end of the post at the beginning – my feet didn’t fail me at all. In fact, unlike Snoopy, my feet were asking for more!

Post the bloated Thanksgiving dinner, I definitely needed to do something about my roly-poly feeling. Cue a reasonably warm morning (70) and some rain clouds that seemed okay in just sitting up there.

I’ve been having some difficulty getting back in the walking/jogging mode. First there was the possible broken toe (still in question). Then there was the hurricane and ensuing damage in the area. And finally, there was my awful entanglement with the “L” word.

No, not that “L” word, I was referring to the other one – Laziness.

Having a number of weeks of persistent inertia, I began to feel less and less motivated to walk. Or do anything, really. Thankfully, Halloween flat out forces me to be proactive. Of course, it also eats up massive time and energy. That’s bad for the creeping laziness – it needs no added excuse fuel.

Finally, last week, I got out on a random walk. Only three miles, but it was the doing it that was important. I chose to only go the three miles because I was worried I was too far out of shape to go further. Surprise! When I got back, I felt sure I could go longer.

So today I went four miles. And again, as I made the big turn to the backside of the walk, I wondered how tuckered I would be. Interestingly, on the front side, I considered going the full five miles, since I was feeling so fresh (despite the bloato).

Sure enough, I got home with plenty of vim and vigor to spare. My feet not only didn’t fail me, they felt pretty good. I think I might indeed try five miles tomorrow (water in the sky permitting).

It’s nice right now because school is out here. I don’t know why it is. I’ve never seen kids get the whole Thanksgiving week off before (I’m hearing from Moms and teachers that this is the first year). Whatever the reason, the mornings are quiet of traffic and people.

I’m pleased at completing the circuit this morning, especially after over-eating last night. I’m still many walks away from my interval walking/running, but if my feet don’t fail me, I hope to be back in rhythm well before the end of the year.

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