Feel the burn


the burnAs everyone must know by now, I do almost all of my writing on the beach.  I’ve talked about if before, but it can be distilled down to I find it inspirational and it allows me to work out of my winter hibernation color-loss.

Normally, I’m able to jump out as soon as the weather warms to my liking (around April or May), but this year we had a bizarre extended soggy period.  Many of the days we had rain in the morning, which is atypical for South Florida, and a lot of the days were consecutive, so it’s only now I’m back in my element.

Now, smart people know about Florida’s high UV index (along with its high humidity and high air conditioning use).  Those smart people slather themselves in sunblock and rest comfortably, often under portable umbrellas.  Semi-smart people like me partially slather themselves in sunblock.  Not on purpose, understand, simply out of carelessness.

Thus, after day one of writing, a particularly fruitful day of greater length than usual, my semi-smartness was uncovered (literally) when I got home to shower.  Little patches of red glared at me, silently promising a couple of days of discomfort ahead.  It doesn’t pay to be semi-smart.

You can bet I slather effectively going forward.  The fact that I know better and still made such a “rookie” mistake really burns me up.

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