Falling into an old conversation


old convoMy friend and I continue to work on our seminar for high school kids to prepare them for the big decisions facing them in rapid succession (and before they know it).

It’s been coming along nicely and now we work on the toughest part:  making the presentation relevant and attention-capturing for an age far removed from what we were at that same time.  The world has moved on.

Inevitably, our conversation drifts to the comparison between eras that always comes when old (er…older) people discuss “the youth of today”.  I say “inevitably”, because it happens for every generation of old (er…older) people and younger people.

Of course, it’s moot and irrelevant to the work we need to focus on, but dadgum if we don’t have to catch ourselves frequently from falling into the trap.

Ironically, it’s good for us to travel those well-worn paths, as it helps bring out those areas of keen interest of the age group we are targeting.  We are aided in this process by his two daughters and my two nieces (we’re going to have to find some boys before too long).

It’s good for chuckles, though, whenever we fall into those old conversations.

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