Is my face red!


color me redA special emergency Sunday edition of the blog for a big mea culpa!

So there I am, cleaning the shower doors and mirrors when I am saved from my least favorite thing in the world (cleaning) by the sound of an email.  Now, normally, an email isn’t enough to get me to jump up and stop whatever I’m doing, but if it’s cleaning, heck, a twig falling outside is enough to command my attention.

Turns out, this was a very important email.  My first piece of negative feedback, direct from my publisher, claiming my book was everything I just decried in my pompous blog last week .  The reviewer was disgusted by the many errors found in my first book, “What if?”.  My publisher takes these complaints seriously and has frozen the sale of the book on their site until I check to see if the claims are accurate.

They’re accurate.  Ugh, boy are they accurate.

I remember when I first started writing, I couldn’t get comfortable with whether the punctuation went inside the quote or outside the quote.  I “thought” I had figured it out and fixed it.  Nope.  As I discussed in my previous post, stuff like that doesn’t affect most readers, but it’s wrong and work shouldn’t be published that way.

My publisher’s decision to halt sales does not affect Amazon, where the bulk of my sales come from.  Those sales continue to generate positive feedback.  To make changes now will cost me time and money; substantial amounts of both.  I could get away with ignoring the comments as a “one-off”.

I began working on the file corrections immediately.  There is no other decision I can make or respect.

On the plus side, this gives me the opportunity to “tweak” the story in places I cringed over after publishing.  Nothing major, just a nip and a tuck, but if I’m going to run through the entire 79,000+ words again, I might as well take the time to “fix” things I thought could have been better.

Though the reviewer’s name was withheld by my publisher, I thank the person here.  I’ve always wanted honest and direct feedback and pointing out these errors will make me a better writer in the future.  Since I’ve opened up the purse strings for Book One, I figure I might as well comb through Books Two and Three as well, just to make sure those errors I made in the first book didn’t return with the rest of the characters.

I stand by my previous post and I am appalled to be a culprit.  My face will remain red until my book is re-read.  Looks like I didn’t escape cleaning, after all.

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