Eyes wide shut


eyes wide shutSeriously, what are people thinking?

Based on what people say when a stranger asks them on the phone, 40% of America wants Donald Trump to be our next president.

People must view their personal situation as so dire, so desperate, that they hope for “change” no matter what the cost.

But people have to squeeze their eyes shut and hum loudly to drown out just how high that cost may be.

For example, people may not have heard or seen that they’ll be electing an “Insulter in Chief”.

During the Republican primary, he claimed it was only because he was so outnumbered that he needed to act rudely and constantly call people demeaning names (even if he also used those names against people who weren’t actually running against him). But, he promised, once he got past those obstacles, people would see he could be presidential.

Now, he says it’s because Hillary Clinton and the “liberal” media are conspiring against him. But, he avers, once he gets elected, people will see how he can be presidential.

Look back through old news reports and video. He has never been presidential, it’s not in his nature. It won’t start simply because he’s in a white house in the nation’s capital.

For example, he never apologizes. Not to John McCain, who he dismissed as a war hero because he was a P.O.W. Not to the American judge who he smeared because of parents who were born in another country. Not to the Muslim father and mother who bravely spoke about their heroic son.

First and foremost, the issues have to be about him and how good Donald J. Trump is. He “prefers” soldiers who aren’t captured (he’s never fought in a war). He has no claim to Native American status (his grandfather emigrated from Germany). He , thankfully, has never lost a child (none have served in the armed forces).

While people may have already tuned out the hundreds of sneers and slams Trump has tossed off during this campaign like rice at a wedding, a couple truly stand out that should be carefully considered before the next phone call.

He recently labeled President Obama as the “most ignorant President in our history”. Beyond the dubiousness of using Donald Trump as a presidential scholar, even the most biased person must allow that Obama is a very intelligent man. You may be angry with his decisions, but ignorant?

Even more recently, he disparaged the Muslim father and mother of a war hero soldier. True war hero, even, one would think, by Mr. Trump’s twisted standards. The son lost his life to protect his fellow soldiers.

After an impassioned statement by the father, with the mother silently nearby, Mr. Trump proceeded to (a) not acknowledge the heroism of the couple’s son (b) make light (or worse) about the mother’s silence and (c) compare his “creating thousands and thousands of jobs” as a “sacrifice” equal to losing a son.

Invariably, these statements, wrong or dumb, get backed away from swiftly after. Never is there an apology for the initial intent or the damage that ensues. Try doing that repeatedly with anyone you know and see how long you stay popular.

I hear people tell me that Trump is just speaking the truth; that he talks “just like me”.

I don’t want the President of the United States to be “just like me”. I want him to be better than me; someone to aspire to; someone who inspires the rest of the world.

Of course, America is the greatest country on Earth, particularly because of the freedom it offers to all of its people to choose their own path in life. Even if that path is Donald Trump.

Many of those people say it’s because he will bring the change that is so needed in our country. I’d like to talk about that idea a little more, if you’ll stop by tomorrow.

Provided, that is, that you don’t already have your eyes wide shut.

(Note: No name calling was employed in the writing of this post)

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