Everyone is interesting


I’ve spent a good part of this blog proposing the idea, only half tongue-in-cheek, that I am the most uninteresting man in the world (playing off the Dos Equis ads).

In moments of honest self-reflection, I note that I’ve actually done some interesting things in the course of my half century-plus life. In further moments of general reflection, I recognize an undeniable truth: everyone is interesting.

By way of acknowledging these facts, I’m tossing out another “Me” week on the JMD blog. Unlike my last maudlin adventure down this path, I promise only to focus on positive, upbeat and possibly interesting (at least from my perspective) events.

Though I am tasked by preparation all week for the big bbq on Saturday (cleaning, shopping, setup and cooking), I imagine some of these upcoming posts could be quite long. And entirely personal. Still, I think I can manage one or two pieces of insight you may have not come across in the blog up until now.

As I teased last Friday, if I’ve timed this out correctly, my last post this week (the day before my birthday bbq) will by my 1,000th “ramble” on this site.

If that doesn’t count as interesting, it certainly should count as noteworthy.

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