Escaping the trap

escaping the trap

‘Twas the morning of Christmas

And all through the dark,

Not a creature was stirring

But me on my walk.


Shortly into my journey,

As is often my way,

I began composing my blog

To post later that day.


Perhaps it was the manner

The solitary full moon shone

That led me to write

Of spending Christmas alone.


Thank goodness I realized,

“What a terrible thought,

To post not of what I have,

But of that I have not.”


Though designed for my ramblings

Was my blog’s original shape,

To get lost in self-indulgence

Is a trap I might not escape.


Only rarely do I post seriously,

More often tongue firmly in cheek,

One goal only have I had,

To avoid posting bleak.


So here do I promise,

Ne’er to post of sorrow,

Except in one instance,

That being tomorrow!

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