The end of the string?


string beanWhen I was growing up, I liked most green vegetables.  At the time, I was not so fond of brussel sprouts (love ’em, now), but I was game for everything else.

Some of those green vegetables came in cans, most often Del Monte Peas (regular and Le Seur) and green beans (preferably cut, but occasionally french).  I think time played a factor in the canned goods collection (single mom, working long hours).

Funny thing.  When I was growing up and Mom would make her most excellent casserole, we called it string bean casserole.  In fact, I can’t remember when people stopped calling them string beans…they just did.
Now it’s “green” beans.  Like, duh, we can see they’re green.  But what makes those long thin ones different now from any other?  If they’re all “green” beans, that’s not very helpful.

So, you know what?  I’m going back to calling them string beans.  Anyone who wants to join me, jump right in!

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