Echoes in the sand


Longtime readers of my blog or bio know that I wrote the majority of my books in a chair on the beach in South Florida (specifically, my current city, Boca Raton). Heck, even my Facebook page shows me as “Writer At the beach”.

But it’s been more than three years since I finished my last book and that long since I’ve taken my trusty (and mostly worn out) chair and plopped it 15 feet from the front of the ocean.

It was my intention that interruption would end this year, but a confluence of “things” have banded together to confound me.

First, we had an exceptionally long run of cold temperatures. By my standards. Please remember, I’m the guy who keeps a sweater next to the refrigerator.

Then, we had a seasonally confusing period of early morning rains. Historically (and I can quote historically, having spent all of my 57 years here), South Florida has reasonably clear mornings and rainy afternoons. Aggravatingly, those rains always seemed to arrive around 4:30-5:00 pm, or, in other words, just in time to make driving home from work more of a pain.

So I was unprepared and somewhat annoyed at the morning flip-flop. If it weren’t for our desperate need for those rains, I would have been more upset. As it was, it took the recent 24/7 rains to return South Florida to green from brown.

Finally, between injury, family and other minor crises, I got so distracted I couldn’t retain a train of thought on plots, let alone what stories I wanted to tell.

Another odd offshoot to my writing and temperature requirements is the annual beach parking pass. The pass runs from October 1 through September 30. Considering I’m going to just be getting started in July, I will be buying a pass that’s good for all of three months. Sigh.

Regardless, I think the weather, which seems to be normalizing, and my head, which will never be normal, are back in the correct place for me to give that ol’ beach another shot.

I’ll plop that beat-up chair in the same spot, 15 feet from the ocean’s tip and on the echo in the sand of my three previous books.

But, I was thinking I might give you a bit of a taste first. If that’s of interest to you, pop by the blog tomorrow!

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