Dust epidemic


From time to time as I ramble through my rambling rambles, I will go into a moaning about cleaning, usually in general and occasionally to the full extent of a single post.  I think we have to consider this one of those, even if it doesn’t specifically qualify as me whining about cleaning.

In fact, it’s truly fascinating to me how dust reproduces.  I was having a discussion with someone recently who previously lived outside Florida and she claimed she had never seen dust this thick or pervasive.  While that may be an exaggeration, there sure is a lot of dust here in South Florida.

There are some clear explanations.  I live within just a few miles of the coastline, with mostly constant and frequently strong breezes blowing in from the eastern shore.  And, even in these slower times, the population continues to grow, which means our perpetually behind the times Department of Transportation has dozens of road construction products going at the same time.

Still, though I’ve lived my entire life here, I am often taken aback just how quickly the dust regenerates within my home.  On occasion, when I open the living room blinds to capture the morning sun, the light will reflect off the dark wood dining table and dark granite kitchen counter to reveal enormous quantities of dust.

It’s a confounding situation.  I have an electrostatic filter in my air conditioner.  I use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.  I don’t have good window crossflow so I rarely open the windows in the house (I sit on the patio if I want open air).  Yet the dust could hardly be more prolific if I took down my screens and left my sliding doors open!

Getting rid of the dust is challenging (and perhaps futile).  Of course, the concept of “dusting” strikes me as the silliest process on earth.  Seriously, what do you imagine happens when you run a duster over furniture, fans or other dusty surfaces?  The dust leaves them, sure, but where did it go?  It’s up in the air, floating, waiting for you to move away from the spot so it can settle back down again.  Duh!

Ok, so I wipe my dust off with rags and some cleaning formula (depending on the surface).  The dirt on the rag confirms the dust has been removed.  What happens next?  Well, if you check back in an hour or so, you’ll see new dust to replace the dust that was there previously.  If only my bank account worked that way!

It’s crazy.  As I’m typing this, I see the dust that has recently settled on and around my computer area.  This after a full dusting/wiping/cleaning earlier in the week.  Sheesh.  I refuse to have dusting become a full-time job.

Absent hermetically sealing the house and arriving and leaving through vacuum tubes like at the drive through bank tellers, I imagine I will always face this challenge.  Given the comments made by other homeowners, it seems everyone one shares the same malady.

It’s an affliction that apparently infects this whole region of the state.  Is it any wonder I call it an epidemic?

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