Dukes of Boca


dukes of bocaYep, a couple of middle-aged men riding around in sharp cars.  ‘Course, we didn’t own any of them.  And we really didn’t ride around in any, come to think of it.

I probably dropped a mention recently how I’m in the process of deciding whether to get a new car (payments!) or continue on to a new record with the current 10-year old Avalon (no payments!).  Last week, my friend joined me on a little car shopping jaunt.

Turns out, he wanted to check out some vehicles to help decide on his own 10-year old vehicle.  His goals were different from mine.  He was looking for something sporty and I was looking for dependable/transport (Dad, Step-mom and occasional nieces).

We made a few stops along good ole 441 (State Road 7, in some places).  Every city has its “car streets”, those filled with dealerships one after the other; this is one of ours.

I wanted to keep my choices to a minimum, seeing as I have had the same relationship for 20 years, it was tough to even imagine straying, let alone leaving for someone else.  Still, it was only prudent to see what was out there, even if it meant leaving my Toyota marriage.

After a day of eyeballing and fending off salespeople, I reduced my potential choices to the Camry (faithful), Mazda 6 (hottie) and Subaru Legacy (classy).  Further exploration via the internet reduced the number to just the Camry and Legacy.

As I called back the respective salespeople to inform them of the decisions and next steps, I was amused that the Mazda salesman (if I was adamant about making a bad choice by not choosing the Mazda) actually recommended the Legacy over the Camry.

I’ll go to test drive the Legacy tomorrow and then talk numbers (ugh).  On the Camry front, I can rely on my relationship to avoid the “negotiations” process.  Then I can determine if I want to pull the trigger and re-up for five years of monthly bills.

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