Dripping wet in the cold or Thermodynamics is fun!


thermodynamicsWinter has come!

After many fits and starts, we’ve had our extended stay of cold temps (down to the 50’s…gasp!) and so I dub this time, Winter.

Before the temperatures dropped below livable (i.e., below 68), I managed to keep up my daily walks.

On my final walk before the low 60’s arrived, I was greeted by thick fog that obscured everything except about 50 feet around me. That was a cool walk, in all senses.

I did not realize until accidentally bumping my arm that I was soaked. Clearly (if such a word could be used in the pea soup), my not-98.6-but-still-warmer-than-the-air-around-me exposed body parts were “melting” the fog onto me.

It was a weird feeling, though certainly a logical expectation, if given even the briefest thought to the known laws of thermodynamics.

The funny part of the whole affair is that I was more drenched from a half-walk (5 miles) in the fog than I’ve ever been on my regular 10-mile walks and that includes in summer and my pre-GNABRT training with a loaded backpack strapped to me.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until the last mile and a half that my glasses finally started fogging up frequently. What a bother (and distraction) having to keep wiping them and replacing them.

The next morning, the fog left us but the frozen wastes hit (63 degrees!), so walking is on hiatus until some semblance of weather sanity returns. Maybe next time I’ll go in long sleeves if it’s fogged up.

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