When in doubt…


3gsNo need to shout; As long as eyes stout; You can find out

No need to fret; wipe away the wet; you’re sure to get; what you seek from the ‘net

For example, like me; I could no longer see; On my old iPhone 3G; My playlists three

With them now gone, I could play only one song; Which doesn’t last long; And that’s just wrong

So, left in the lurch; I went to my search; Like a sinner to church; At my usual perch

And swift as a breeze; Typing just a few keys; A post I did seize; And, boy, did it please

Using what I learned; I reaped what I earned; My fears were then spurned; As my music returned

It was all pro and no con; As like a new dawn; It was solved anon; By turning it off and then on

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