I don’t think I’ll like teleportation

teleportationEver since I left Corporate America, I have had the good fortune not to have to drive through bad traffic.  Really, even then, I used to leave extra early to work just to avoid the mindless frustration of standstill cars on the road.

Now, except for the occasional accident, my rides are reasonably quick and stress free.  Not as fast as teleportation, surely, but I have recently begun to believe that it driving has some advantages over instantaneous movement from point A to point B.

The most compelling reason came to me as I trekked back from my tennis one day.  It’s not a long drive, per se, but it runs about 45 minutes start to finish.  Fortunately, out of season and when school is out, the trip is uncluttered.

Usually, I happily flip around the plethora of channels provided by XM (excuse me, Sirius/XM) satellite radio.  During the course of these travels, I will frequently come upon a piece of music of great enjoyment, either from a long-forgotten nostalgic reminder or something new that catches my ear.  Mind you, I’m past 50, so I don’t want to suggest I’m “hep” to of the newer sounds, but some are catchy enough to stick.

Mostly, I get an oldies reminder or an even older reminder (read:  classical) that suggests I need to add some tunes to my iPhone.  This doesn’t happen at home, where I’m more likely to listen to my pre-recorded and sizable playlist.

So, it occurred to me there is a great benefit to slow(er) travel, since via teleportation, I doubt I would even get the three notes needed to name that tune by.  Sure, it helps that I’m not pressed for time and get to drive outside rush hour, but I still don’t think I’ll like teleportation…just yet.