Don’t tell ants they can’t fight City Hall


Welp, as expected, stuff happens. In this case, stuff happens when you clean out your front landscaping. Turns out, that’s really urban renewal. And the (former) tenants aren’t happy. They’ve gone on attack. Don’t tell ants they can’t fight City Hall!

The origins of a protest

The first part of the story you already know. It’s been detailed in a couple of previous posts. Basically, it’s this: I started clearing out the bromeliads from my front landscape and just didn’t stop.

Within a few days, everything was removed and cut up but for the Jatropha tree. But, what I did not take into account was that all those plants provided cover/homes to living things. Mostly bugs.

Out of house and into home

The large carpenter ants (or army ants or whatever you want to call those big sons of guns) started crawling all over the front of my home. Displaced as they were, I understood their confusion and/or anger.

Sadly, through some means I’m still unable to determine, many of those giants make it into my home. Now, I spray regularly, so almost all of them die. But, either way, alive or dead, I have ant bodies around my home (mostly in the office, ‘natch, since it’s by the front of the house).

Of course, you know, this means war

But, I’ve always drawn a distinct line. Do whatever you want outside, but come inside and you are invading my home, so I may kill you.

Granted, I have often taken a big plastic cup and captured the large ants before tossing them back outside, but the principle is still in force.

And then, one day last week, while I’m in the shower, there is a large winged red ant climbing on the outside of the shower door. This sucker was huge! I would think a full inch long. And, if you don’t imagine an inch that large, picture an ant this big:

That’s pretty scary. And it’s not like I could easily avoid it…I mean, it was a flying ant!

Bring me the gold kryptonite

So, I broke my vow and, later, drenched the now dead front landscape with bug spray. I felt bad, sure, but not as bad as seeing a giant flying red ant in my bathroom. Brrr.

That seems to have had some impact, at least temporarily. Whether they have found new homes or I killed a bunch of them, I haven’t seen one in the house in a couple of days.

Don’t tell ants they can’t fight City Hall

But I am not letting my guard down. The ceasefire may only be temporary. Ants are notorious for their methodical, persistent sense of purpose.

If they feel they have been wronged, they will be back. En masse. Especially as I lay down a comfy carpet of black mulch everywhere. And they will not take no for an answer easily.

So, heed my warning in your own potential showdowns with ants: Don’t tell ants they can’t fight City Hall.

They can and they do.

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