Don’t let outrage blind you


I know, I know. If you’re on the right, you’re all over the “secret society” FBI and its witch hunt against Donald Trump. And if you’re on the left, you’re incensed over the despotic decision to have a military “parade” for anything other than a victory at war. To both of you I say: don’t let outrage blind you.

There are a lot of great and wonderful things happening in the world. Right now. If you blink, or more likely, if you’ve been blinded by narrow-focused outrage, you might miss them. And that would be a terrible shame. Especially in a world so needing uplifting events.

Here are just a few happening as we speak:

Where no man has gone in a while

Did you see that amazing launch earlier this week? Fantastic! A real chance for mankind to head back into space!

Those of you who are old enough to remember the space race, it was an unbelievable time of discovery and pride. The offsetting benefits to society’s efficiency (computerization, automation, medical sciences) actually paled before the benefits to mankind’s spiritual and imaginative enrichment.

For the rest of you who weren’t around back then, trust me on this, real life space exploration is far and away more thrilling and amazing than any video game or 3D movie.

And now we may just be on the verge of returning to that mysterious unexplored final frontier. Were you watching?

The thrill of victory

It’s baaaack! The Olympics are here again.

Over centuries, nations have gathered to test themselves in feats of strength and sport. Only occasionally has this been interrupted due to political motivations.

All the rest of the time, the pinnacle of aspirational man, as defined in athletic competition, has been on display in this once-every-four-years extravaganza.

Yes, there is nationalism and national pride on display and in pursuit, but it’s also a time when people from countries rarely seen together can avoid the imaginary borders that separate them and share the common bonds of pure competition and respect.

Cynics might point out Olympic deficiencies and hypocrisies. I leave that to cynics. What the Olympics should show everyone is the ability for any and all nations to come together, peacefully, to share in a common pursuit.

Did someone blink?

And politics. Yes, even politics.

While left and right were jawing at each other did anyone notice what happened in Washington this week? Someone turned back the clock.

In a rare and unexpected turn, “opposing” parties in Congress got together and did something unheard of in recent times. Despite all the acrimony, they forged bipartisan legislation designed to…wait for it…run the country!

Well, okay, it was only the Senate so far, but it was an amazing breakthrough. And it was done despite roadblocks thrown up by the president and hard liners from both sides of the aisle.

A government that is working for the benefit of the people? Ain’t that a kick?

So, yeah, you can rage at the evils of the “other side”, real or perceived. But it might do you good to take pause in your righteousness. Don’t let your outrage blind you to some real reasons to feel good about the world we live in.

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