Don’t drop the soap!


dont drop soapI don’t know about everyone else, but I have recurring battles with soap bars.

Near the end of my soap bars’ useful lives, they always split in half.  I’ve never come up with a satisfactory answer to this (the best I’ve done is figuring that since the body is mostly rounded surfaces, the bar gets worn more in the middle).

Once the bar “cracks”, the halves are still useful, but they’re also a little more challenging; the pieces tend to squirt loose and fall more often.

Today I experienced my first injured hamstring playing tennis.  For those of you who have not had the experience (and I got more than half a century without one, so I’m sure there are a few of you), it feels like a sharp, searing pain.  Imagine someone cutting their way out of your leg with a hot knife.  But only when you stretch it or move sideways or put too much weight on it.  Otherwise, you’re good.

After icing it down back home, I headed to the shower.  Of course, as timing would have it, I was in a “split soap” period.  And, of course, the dwindling half squirted to the shower floor, proving you don’t have to be in prison for dropping the soap to cause you pain.

I don’t know the severity of the injury; it may be a few days or it could be longer.  I still have a usable half of soap bar left, but I think, just this once, it’s allowable for me to toss it in favor of a new bar.

And if that one drops, I may not pick it up until I am fully healed!

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