Donating dominoes


donating dominoesWhen it comes to charitable donations, Christmas is not the only time for giving.

Most of us enjoy cash donations, especially now in the internet world, because they’re easy to do and easy to track.

I must admit that, aside from Doctors Without Borders, most of my donations go to children’s causes (reaffirming that you don’t have to have kids of your own to love and wish the best for them).

The rest is the occasional drop in this or that cup, jar or other random container.

That takes care of the cash donations. As for the “stuff” donations, well, that requires some impetus for the first domino to fall.

My brilliant plan this Christmas of ordering stuff for myself and thus getting a new package every week (seemingly every day, considering the split shipments) has worked great. I get to see the UPS, USPS or FedEx driver regularly.

The “gifts” also knocked over the first domino.

Upon receiving my long-needed and finally bought bath towels, I realized I had no room in my linen closet. No amount of reorganization could save me, which meant it was time to start building my next “stuff” donation bag.

Usually, the “stuff” is clothes or linens. Occasionally, as when I reloaded on my microware, it also includes kitchen items. Generally, even if it was a specific item or items being replaced, I go through a “spring cleaning analysis” (an all-season term…it works in December as well as March) and find extra “stuff” to donate.

Similarly, my new shorts have arrived, creating a potential overflow situation in my dresser. Fortunately, my gain is the charity’s gain as well. In this case, my waistline gain means the donation is of my still quite new 30 waist shorts.

With some new shirts on the way, there was an opportunity to dust off the little-used shirts hanging in my closet (practically, I still had plenty of room in the closet, but I wasn’t wearing the shirts and, well, I like to fill up my bags).

So, my Christmas gifts end up creating Christmas gifts for others and the donating dominoes keep on falling.

None of this refers to donating time to volunteer work, however, which can be addressed in a whole other blog post.

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