Donald Trump is making up ground

Trump is making up ground

You may start to pout

You may want to cry

You may begin to shout

I’m telling you why

Donald Trump is making up ground.


He’s checking his polls

He’s checking them twice

And even though they still

Don’t look all that nice

Donald Trump is making up ground.


He sees you when you’re tweeting

He knows when you’re up late

He still thinks you’ll believe him

When he says he’ll make America great.


So, you better watch out

It’s no use to cry

Unless you get the vote out

You’ll be the reason why

Donald Trump made up all that ground.


Satire aside, after several weeks of misdirection, Mr. Trump reaffirmed his harsh “anti-anything not white middle class American” campaign promise; Hillary Clinton remains in seclusion hoping Mr. Trump will self-destruct and the two alternate party candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, get no press coverage.

It’s up to you to find out who should be our next leader. Not from made-for-TV speeches, not from made-for-TV ads and not from made-for-partisan news coverage.

Uncover the truth, vote your conscience, compare and contrast facts.

Otherwise, we’re all going to get a lump of coal this Christmas.

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