Dog days


dog days(Now that the website is back from the dead, I can continue my new policy of no political posts on successive days)

Bless ’em, they keep trying.

I’ve mentioned my good friends with the two relatively (5 and 1) new grandkids in the blog many a time, the last being here.

In fact, our tale takes place shortly after we got back from the museum, as I was sitting in the living room with both friends (sans the now tired little one).

We had a free-roaming conversation covering all different topics including (gasp) politics, with my liberal leanings somewhat contrasted against my friend’s Navy background and my other friend’s distaste for HRC.

Still, we survived the discussion and as we wandered into other directions and I wrestled with his Corgi on a rope tug-of-war, he mentioned to me that he needed to take me to the dog park with him.

I do love dogs, but the request seemed out-of-place, so I raised my eyebrows in question, while maintaining my focus on the growling furball trying to yank my elbow apart.

He went on to explain he had met and chatted with a “nice lady” at the park that he thought I should meet. Roughly my age, no children, small dog (that’s either 2 out of 3 good or 2 out of 3 bad).

I laughed, amused by my friends’ continued effort to “find someone for me”. To be fair, both of them have made attempts in the past which they agreed (in hindsight) weren’t their best work.

I have not completely converted to a hermit, but it’s certain that my social skills have atrophied to, at best, adolescent skill level. Still, I agreed to accompany him sometime (because, at worst, I do love dogs).

The dog park is a pretty big place nestled just inside a huge county park near me. It’s on the very fringe of my new walking path, though to make it all the way to the dog park and back would be about 12 miles, still a bit outside my range.

But, regardless of whether the rumored meet ever takes place, it’s more than possible that by early winter, I just might be able to walk to the park, rest and watch the dogs and then walk back as part of my daily schedule.

Which would mean that even after the dog days of Summer have passed, there may still be dog days in my future.

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