July 30, 2021

5 thoughts on “Divided we stand

  1. Jeff: While I am not a supporter of the current GOP front runner, virtually every politician out there is using divisive rhetoric (John Kasich may be the exception). And the king of divisive rhetoric is our current President who for the last 7 years always seems to place blame elsewhere instead of trying to unite the country through compromise. In my view, he has clearly earned the title of “Divider In Chief”.

    1. I would agree with you to the extent that Obama has spent little effort in “reaching across the aisle”, even less as his time as President comes to a close.

      But my thrust was not the divide between left and right, which I fear nears Middle East level solidity in divisiveness, but the inclusion and exhortation of violent responses to disagreements in opinion.

      In that respect, the scepter rests solely in the hand of the GOP frontrunner and my fervent hope is that my previous analogy only refer to opinions as opposed to physicality.

      1. Agreed. The physical violence needs to end. One thing I would highlight is that typically protesters stay outside of venues, maintaining a physical separation, and make their voices heard. It is unusual for demonstrations to be held inside of a venue, especially a political one, with a specific goal of disrupting the event. I think that causes a flash point.

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